Stephanie Rosenfield, Mom Coach

Stop losing your shit and

start enjoying momming.

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I've got you.

I’m a life coach for moms who want to enjoy the family they worked hard to create and are ready for something to change…

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, frustrated and annoyed with your kids and husband.

When one kid is freaking out over what you made for breakfast.

The other refuses to get dressed because she hates each of the 20 leggings in her closet.

And no matter how many times you remind your husband he needs to drop the kids off at school the next morning, he inevitably forgets and schedules a 9am meeting.

It feels like your brain’s gonna explode with all the things.

“These people are insane and I’m the only one holding the family together. And I’m about to lose it.”

And when you DO lose your shit, you feel terrible when you see the downstream effects it has on the people around you.

You don’t need to constantly feel like a simmering pot of water that’s going to boil over at any moment.

It’s possible to feel calm and patient with your kids.

It’s possible to KNOW you can handle it all. That you’ve got this.

It’s possible to be a happier version of yourself. That lighter, fun, goofier mom that you always wanted to be.

“Now, I approach motherhood with confidence and my anxiety has decreased significantly.”


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about me

Hey, I’m Stephanie

Certified life coach, speech language pathologist, early childhood expert, mom of 2 boys and Vanderpump Rules fanatic.

Becoming a mom was something I always knew I would do.

But then once I had kids, I struggled. I felt stressed and anxious. It turned out it didn’t magically create happiness for me.

Things started to change when I learned how to:

  • Diffuse my intense emotions and respond intentionally
  • Communicate effectively with my kids and husband
  • Develop confidence in myself and make decisions that set me and my fam up for success

That’s when I was finally able to show up as the mom I wanted to be, regardless of the shitstorm going on on the outside.

(Spoiler alert: This actually prompted the people around me to change too).

Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help moms like you do the same.


You’re ready for something to change…

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Wondering what it's like to get coached on feeling calm and confident as a mom?

Jenn went from constantly threatening and yelling to feeling greater appreciation for her kids and actually having fun with them more often.

“Through coaching, I learned how to stay calm regardless of what was happening on the outside.”

Now, I can listen to and calm my body no matter what my kids and husband are doing. As a result, I see my kids doing the same. My kids listen more because I approach them differently. I finally feel confident in my ability to take care of myself and my family. I learned how to stop shaming myself and am no longer hard on myself.



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