Stephanie Rosenfield, Mom Coach

It’s not too late to start calmly communicating and enjoy momming.

Here’s how I stopped going from zero to panic over every bedtime battle, sibling argument, and lack of listening during the morning rush.

Hey there!

I’m Stephanie. Mom of 2 boys, certified life coach, speech language pathologist, and early childhood development expert.

And, I have to admit something.

I used to hate being a mom. I checked it off my list like I did everything else I thought would make me happy—Graduate college, get a Master’s degree, find a boyfriend, get married, buy a car, etc. I was good at everything I did so I thought I’d be great at the mom thing. Especially since I had skills working with kids and parents as a speech therapist for over a decade.

But, becoming a mom did not turn that magic switch.

I didn’t exude happiness.

In fact, I felt the opposite. Frustrated, anxious, worried, and overwhelmed to name a few.

I hated the mom I was showing up as everyday.

I hated the wife I was being to my husband.

I knew I had to CHANGE something.

Growing up with a pretty unhappy mom, I knew the toll it could take on a marriage and on the kids.

As a child I felt it. I experienced it. I remember locking myself in my room while my mom screamed at my dad downstairs, being too scared to go down for dinner.

But, now I know…it really wasn’t my mom’s fault.

Parents in that generation didn’t have the tools to change.

They didn’t know how to be happy, and thought, just working harder and not making waves was what they were supposed to do.

There wasn’t anyone showing them how to feel their feelings or change their beliefs so they could live a more joyful life.

Thankfully, things are different now.

We now know a lot more about the brain...and I’m trained in the best tools for creating a sense of inner control no matter what.

I’m the living example that it’s possible.

I used to seize up with anxiety on the reg, and now I am a mom who feels joy and happiness regularly.

A mom who creates time to do what she loves, and stays calm no matter what her kid is doing.

And my passion is to help other moms have what I have.

My mission is for kids in the next generation to have a better experience than I did.

I create that by helping moms be happier, one woman at a time.

Because I believe that when a mom has the tools to enjoy motherhood, love her marriage and feel powerful in her own life, that’s the best thing that could ever happen to a family.

Want to enjoy motherhood, love your marriage and feel powerful in your own life?

I’m the coach for you.

The life you want is possible. Click the button to find out more about working with me, one-to-one.

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