Stephanie Rosenfield, Mom Coach

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You’re doing it! Taking the next step to becoming a happier, more in control mom. I’m so proud of you!! I know that you’re probably feeling a little nervous and excited right now. That’s totally normal.

Here’s a short 30 second video on what to expect on our consult call.

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What moms are saying...

Jenn went from constantly threatening and yelling to feeling greater appreciation for her kids and actually having fun with them more often.

“Through coaching, I learned how to stay calm regardless of what was happening on the outside.”

Now, I can listen to and calm my body no matter what my kids and husband are doing. As a result, I see my kids doing the same. My kids listen more because I approach them differently. I finally feel confident in my ability to take care of myself and my family. I learned how to stop shaming myself and am no longer hard on myself.